Don't turn the clock back on Australia

The Australian Republican Movement regrets that Prime Minister Abbott has broken his promise of 2013, not to return to the British tradition of knighthoods and dameships.

“This is turning the clock back to a colonial frame of mind that we have outgrown as a nation,” said David Morris, National Director of the Australian Republican Movement.

“Our identity today is Australian, so our national honours should be thoroughly Australian.”

This step follows Mr Abbott’s reversal of recent convention, by abandoning the pledge of allegiance to Australia when he was sworn into office.

On becoming Prime Minister, Mr Abbott pledged allegiance “to her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the second, Queen of Australia”. Other recent Prime Ministers have pledged allegiance “to Australia and its people.” (The latter is also the pledge new Australian citizens are required to make – and have done so since 1994.)

UMR asked in a recent poll, which do you prefer?, and found 70-percent supported the pledge to Australia and its people, and only 20-percent agreed with Mr Abbott’s pledge to the Queen.

The Australian Republican Movement advocates a fully and unambiguously independent Australia, no knights or dames required.

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"To achieve equality Australia needs to break away from the exclusive monarchy system. " Anna, SA
"As an Australian currently living in Scotland, I would like to see the debate for an Australian Republic reignited." Adamo, VIC
"Monarchy is antiquated and inadequate institution for the current moment we are living in, enough with privileges for a small group of people, A more egalitarian Country is what we need. A real fair go for everyone. " Pedro, NSW